Professional Services Bookkeeping, Inc.     
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             Established since 1961

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About Us

  • 50 Years of Professionalism
  • We believe in the value of relationships
  • Our office is responsive
  • Our office provides outstanding service
  • Creator of Innovative 
  • We will listen and respond

"I have been very pleased with the exceptional level of communication, excellent service.

--- Abelardo , Software Consultant
(WPS, Miami)



Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc was created in 1961 with the goal to provide the highest degree of professionalism at a very friendly and affordable level. This company provides no only the best customer service but a broader range of consulting services to meet our clients' growing needs.

Our mission specializes in providing clients with a wide range of accounting and consulting services to meet all  of their personal and professional needs.

Our Vision is to do business with our clients at a very personal level in order for them to receive the confidence that they are being guided by professionals.

Resources Our Company has the best quality of computer software’s available in the market to make sure that our client’s satisfaction is obtain.