Immigration Services

Whether you are applying for a United States visa, Green Card, citizenship, passport, or just need to renew your Green Card, it is crucial to file your application with the most current form. Applications submitted on an expired or outdated form may result in denial of your application.  

We pride ourselves on our impeccable track record and commitment to excellence and have successfully helped thousands of clients realise their American dreams.

In these ever changing times post 9/11, Legal Accounting Offices are always adapting to the ‘movement of the goalposts’ by the Immigration authorities. Constantly finding the most creative solutions for even the most complex situations, you will not find another law firm that cares more about ensuring its clients end up where they want to be.

We Help People Achieve The American Dream!

  • We help U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens obtain visas for family members living in the U.S. or abroad
  • We help foreign nationals obtain the appropriate visa to enter and work in the U.S.
  • We help foreign businessmen obtain visas for themselves and their employees
  • We help undocumented and overstaying aliens legalize their status in the U.S
  • We protect the rights of aliens who are being deported or excluded from the U.S.


We look forward to helping you.