Payroll Processing Services

We can take care of your staff salary, including complete estimate of employees' salaries, wages, benefits, bonuses, net pays, and deductions (in the form of taxes, provident funds, loans etc). We can also administer employees’ database which contains details such as employee name, employee ID etc. 

You are looking to hire a payroll service for one basic task, Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc, is the right place. Managing your regular payroll.

Payroll for Medium-Sized to Large Businesses

Gain control over your company's complex payroll operations, and leave the logistics to Professional Services Bookkeeping. Our payroll solution for large businesses combines in-house payroll management tools with accurate payroll processing, tax preparation, direct deposit, and other vital services. With support from a local Client Service Representative, you'll be well-prepared to handle your company's payroll needs.

Basic payroll options

Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc, can do weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, or monthly payroll - you can set up the schedule to match yours. Be sure to give your employees significant advance notice - at least 3 pay periods - if you intend to change the schedule. Even the difference between every-other-week and twice a month can disrupt people's budgets.

Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc will calculate appropriate withholding, retirement plan contributions, health and other benefits deductions, all based on the rules you set up. You can handle full time, part-time, temporary, and contract employees.

In most cases, our office can also calculate and pay your payroll taxes. This includes federal and state taxes, and can really help free up your in-house staff to do more important work. Be aware, though, that we may be able to do local taxes too.

Entering payroll data

Each pay period, you'll have to get the relevant payroll data to the service. For workplaces where all employees are salaried, the totals may not change much week to week; at restaurants or other workplaces where employees work widely varying schedules at hourly rates, the payroll can look very different from one week to the next.

No matter how much your payroll changes, you have to submit it to us each pay period. Understandably, there are significant privacy and security concerns about this information, so it's important to keep it safe. These days, communicating your payroll is almost always done on a computer.

There are two main options for transmitting your payroll data via computer or simply by fax.

Information Reports

  • Form W-2
  • Form W-3
  • Form 1099-misc.
  • Form 1099-int.
  • Form 1099-div.
  • Form 1096